May 15, 2015

The way that works

Taliesin West

There are some things that only work one way.

There’s a right way and no other way will do.

In heavily regulated sectors, multi-volume rule books where C follows B follows A. Where case law rules, lawyers merrily tap-dance their clients through mine fields with prescriptive processes that show just how to step.

These situations are rare.

Yet teams often get notions that there’s a Right Way to do stuff – to run meetings, to structure work, to organise. That these Right Ways come from other people who surely know better. That bureaucracy is necessary, meetings must have minutes, the board room must be brutal, that problem X must be solved with solution Y, just because someone important once said it must.

It just ain’t so.

Almost all the time the only right way is the way that works. Everything else is a compass point at best. Head down that road road, sure, but find the route that gets you home.

Skippy Strategy: If you have a system that doesn’t work for you, no matter where or who it came from, fix it. Bring everyone together, work out your own way that might just work, try it out. Don’t follow blindly, lead.