July 2, 2015

Those other things


There’s always something that takes you away from your job. It’s possible to fill every day with all the little things. Important – like contracts, reviews, IP, suppliers, finances, conflicts, personnel stuff, product questions, schmoozing and smoothing – but little. Not the stuff they put in the job description, but clock-stealers all the same.

The result? Tomorrow looks pretty much like yesterday. Nothing really changes except the date.

One option is to accept it. Be busy being busy – who else is going to do this stuff anyway?

Another option: push it back. The obvious ways like delegation and devolved decision making, time management and prioritisation. The most powerful tool of all though is self will.

Leadership means doing things because you choose to despite being beaten around by all those other things. It means choosing a shiny future and having the will and discipline to do what it takes to get up there. It means taking control of the agenda for the benefit of the organisation, not letting the organisation take control of you. It means stepping up.

Skippy Strategy: Make time to set the agenda. Make time to work towards it.