November 21, 2015

Tower of dependencies


Two things.

When situations get complicated and when details build themselves into a tower of dependencies and interpretations – you know, like normal – it’s unlikely that everyone is on the same page at the same time.

Chances are … someone feels isolated, or lost or picked on, is suffering doubts and hang ups, doesn’t understand what’s expected by when, can’t quite see where they fit in the picture, questions the strategy or the tactics, has the world on their shoulders, is in too deep or is running on fumes.

Chances are then … they’re human.

Chances are though … progress suffers as the internal dialog strays and the tower topples.

The answer?

Talk it out.

Put the details on the table and examine the pieces.

Second: when you’re the one who’s not sure, or feeling dark, or buried under uncertainty … name the problem, then deal with it. Take the initiative. Pick up the phone, walk to their office, hook up on Skype, set up a meeting.

Be alert to misunderstandings and nip them off.

Skippy Strategy: When you notice, don’t let it fester. Start the conversation straight away.