May 29, 2015

Two kinds of people

Two kinds

There are two kinds of people.

Those you want around you right now, and those you don’t.

In that first group, there are sub-types you always want: mucking-in types who don’t care what you ask them to do, and domain experts who limit their scope but deliver.

After that, you need different types at different times. Compelling traits include:

Entrepreneurial mavericks who cut deals and get favours and make things up as they go along – they make mistakes, cost time and money, and have the potential to make something out of nothing.

Nimble decision makers who are comfortable operating without all the facts – they won’t maximise every opportunity but they’ll build something bigger than the sum of the parts, and do it quickly.

Partnership builders who create networks of motivated parties – building capability and capacity at the cost of control and revenue.

Efficiency and effectiveness people, hard-edged, pushing for every advantage on every table – they don’t make friends but they make the most of what you already have.

Building a team means blending for flavour. You need everything, but in what proportions?

The biggest decision is about primary bias. What skills and philosophies will get you where you want to go?

Skippy Strategy: Where are you not making the progress you need? Where is the friction? Are the people involved the right people right now, the right people at the wrong time, or the wrong people anyway?