October 7, 2015

What’s next?


There are always problems to solve.

The question isn’t, what to solve? That list would run all morning.

It’s, what to solve next?

Some are insoluble.

Some are nuts that can only be cracked with a Norse god’s weapon of choice.

Some – grrrr – are swaddled in politics.

Some are unaffordable.

Some are huge, but not as important as some others.

Many. Many. Many will have their day, but it’s not this today.

Which problem is shouting loudest, where’s the money disappearing, what’s the biggest bottleneck, what’s the brightest opportunity, where can we jimmy an unfair advantage, what do we step around every day?

Progress is problem solving. And unless you’re blessed with unlimited time, people and cash … it’s an act of choice.

Skippy Strategy: Put your three biggest problems on your whiteboard. What are you doing about them?What’s next?