September 11, 2015

When the bell rings


The nature of the job, assuming you’re doing it well, is that you spend most of your time on discretionary work and only get pulled in to the day-to-day to fight fires.

Sometimes this makes it feel like the day-to-day is a burden, or that your staff can’t cope. Forget those thoughts – this is as it should be.

(Hold that thought. If discretionary time is just an idea and fighting fires is all you really do then something’s wrong. Fix that first.)

Most of the time the, the system works. And when the road kinks, customers demand or balls drop – when stuff happens – fight the fire, squeeze if for learning and team building, and appreciate just how well things work most of the time.

Skippy Strategy: The the bell rings, march into the fray with your head held high. These are the days.