We like to deal in certainty. “It’s that hill … we’re going this way … left, then right.”

It’s easy when you know.

Uncertainty isn’t nearly so compelling. “Uhmm … I’m not sure.”

The problem comes when, knowing you need to decide, you dress up doubts as definites and plough ahead with your eyes shut.

What to do about uncertainty if bluster doesn’t look like a good bet?

Live with it: All decisions are judgement calls made with imperfect information.

Unpick it: Why aren’t you sure, what are you missing, what data, where does the doubt come from, what indicators can you rely on, where are the assumptions, who can help?

Lay it out: Talk it through with your team. “Here’s what I see …” Bring them inside the circle, show them the data, use their smarts, add value to the table, ask for help.

Make a choice: No decision, nothing happens: don’t become paralysed. Make your choice and move forward with your eyes wide open.

Dealing openly with uncertainty builds cohesion and gains commitment – and that’s often all it takes.

Skippy Strategy: What lack of decision is holding you back? Unpick it. Lay it out. Move on through.