March 26, 2015

When you’re wronged


Everyone makes mistakes.

When it’s you, there’s a choice: fess up, put it right and move on, or; cover up, bite it back and move grudgingly.

When it’s someone else, what then?

If they act with a grudge – it makes things worse. If they’re genuine … ok, let’s see how we can work things out.

When someone comes to you to put things right, give them the benefit of the doubt. Assume the mistake was honest and the apology heart felt.

It’s ok to be angry and annoyed, but a pound of flesh? It’s too much. It may be hard, but try to give them an easy path to making things right. Don’t become the grudger – it always, always makes things worse.

Skippy strategy: Next time someone comes to you to straighten things out. Let them know how you feel, then turn the conversation to how to make things right – on every level.