April 27, 2015

You’re not on safari


There’s a lot out there. All kinds of things to see, ideas to chase and people to meet.

It’s nice to know they’re out there, but they’re not the way to make progress. Fine for a holiday, or a distraction maybe, but the real work is right here. Stay in one place. Focus. Do everything you can to stick with the plan.

You’re not on safari. Let it come to you.

Skippy Strategy: Take a look at your external commitments for the next two weeks. Which are staring at the animals, and which are adding value to the plan? If you do go on safari, recognise it for what it is … and use it to recharge.


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Its larger context

Context Eliel Saarinen (1873–1950), a leading architect and sometime collaborator with Charles and Ray Eames, is now perhaps best remembered for a single quote: