September 7, 2015

Annual schmannual

Sun Calendar

There’s nothing inherent in the earth’s course around the sun that makes annual reviews an inevitability.

If the systems works for you, use it. If the calendar makes you remember, if quality conversations only ever get scheduled by Ra and if once a year works, lucky you.

For the rest of us, healthy working relationships are built on open realtime feedback – if I appreciate something you do, I tell you straight away, if I don’t like something, same deal.

Human Resources may demand annual reviews, they may want their forms filled and all the boxes checked – bow to their will if you have to, but don’t mistake bureaucracy for management.

If there are good things to be said or home truths to be told you don’t need a form or a checkbox or to wait for the sun to align. Get on with it.

Skippy Strategy: Meaningful conversations should happen today – leave annual reviews for TV pundits.