October 26, 2015

Dig a hole


When two sides of a debate are strong, the tug or war is shuffle-forward stumble back. Each group digging deeper and leaning further with every step.

Everyone wants to move; some left, some right.

The result: Effort – 10, Progress – 0.

When stalemate threatens, ditch entrenched positions and dig a new hole together.

What can you agree on? Start with the clearest version of the question. Add context: the problem, the direction, the goal, the risks, the technology, the decision maker, the customer, the market, the scope.

Add new voices to the table. Who does everyone trust?

Stand side by side. Explore together.

Finally, make the decision and get on with it, either way. Gotta be better than standing here steaming in the desert.

Skippy Strategy: Reframe the question, make it clearer, dig together.