May 7, 2015

Do the washing up


After the party, when the fun stops and everyone’s gone home, you’re left with the washing up.

Nobody likes it but whether you do it in the evening, the next day, or leave it in the sink for a week – it’s gonna get done. Not glamorous, but necessary. It clears the decks and puts the resources back where they can be used again. A re-set for a new day.

The alternatives – ignore it or let someone else clear up – leaves a blemish that costs you more than lost time.

It’s always possible to avoid or evade or outsource, but there are some jobs you should always do, and do yourself. Not because you have a lock on the talents, you don’t, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Skippy Strategy: That unpleasant job you’ve been putting off? Get it done.