April 29, 2015

I’m discontented


The first time you see the graffiti in your car park, artistic or otherwise, it’s a shock. Indignant ain’t the word. “What the … ?”

Assuming it’s not Banksy …

A few days later – it’s still offensive but you’re getting used to it. “Hmmph.”

A couple of weeks – it’s normalised. Part of the landscape. You don’t even see it.

Except you do. And so does everyone on the team. And every visitor. And every customer.

Graffiti, a broken toilet seat, last year’s Christmas poster in the rec room, that person in purchasing who does nothing, broken links and bad design on the website, a toxic partnership.

Every time you let these things slide they say you don’t care.

And you should. Your team do. Your visitors do. Your customers do.

Skippy Strategy: What ugly sore have you walked past every day for the last month? Sweep it up.