November 1, 2015

Leaving breadcrumbs

In the wind

It was train wreck.

Looking back, it plays out in slow motion. The wheels roll off the rails, the engine sways, the carriages squeeze-box as the caboose swings around and smacks you in the arse.

If only you’d seen it coming and headed off the danger.

If only.

It started so small, a stream of inconspicuous events that – now you think about it – were noticed but weren’t addressed. Situation normal for every other project, except this time the problems ran down the track and everyone’s good intentions didn’t quite hang tight to the handrail.

Whatever happens next – whether everyone’s consulting their conscience, their bank balance or their lawyer – there’s no substitute for breadcrumbs. A well documented timeline of conversations and decisions and we-agreed-this emails.

So the review, in two weeks or two years, is based on what actually happened rather than a partial history dragged from one point of view.

Take and share notes, document decisions. Every time you move, drop a breadcrumb.

Skippy Strategy: Five minutes at the end of every meeting … agree what you agreed and confirm in writing.