May 4, 2015

Lost time


There’s only so much you can do on your own. Most of the time you need help.

It isn’t difficult – an email or a phone call does it. Can you look at this for me? I need this thing done? How do you think we should do this? Can you help?

Conscripting others doesn’t only start things off, it puts them on conveyor belt to completion. We work together and keep each other accountable for each part of the process.

Sometimes, that first step is harder than it should be. That ten minute email or five minute call gets postponed, something gets in the way, we procrastinate, prevaricate, de-prioritise. No good reason, just unsure, a slight niggle.

A week later than we should have … we ask and wheels start turning.

The difference our hesitation makes? Lost time.

Skippy Strategy: Make some coffee and respond to five emails sitting in your in-box. Pick up the phone and make the call.