April 28, 2015

Making people decisions


The best part of management is hiring and working with great people. The worst, letting go of people you hired.

Everyone understands when things don’t work out. The market didn’t develop, the company got squeezed, the product missed its mark, the person wasn’t right. Them’s the breaks.

What no one understands is when weak, destructive or distracting staff aren’t shown the door. And don’t fool yourself, everyone in the bubble knows who they are.

Poor performers drag down a team. Not just because they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, but because they get in the way and make mediocrity or politicking or laziness seem acceptable. “If that fella gets away with that … why should I work so hard.”

In the end, their continued presence undermines confidence in management and good people start looking for their own door.

Whatever the reason, when you know you have to make a people decision, so does everyone else – act.

Skippy Strategy: Is there someone on your team who shouldn’t be? Act.