August 18, 2015

On negative feedback


Chances are, there are opinions on what you’re up to that will be tough to hear. Too hot, too cold, too expensive, cheap in a bad way. Sometimes, even before you’ve set sail.

All feedback is useful, the choice is what you do about it.

Ignore it. You can’t please everyone, right? And anyway, I know what I’m doing.

Chase it. Whatever it takes to make them like us. Maybe they know something we don’t know.

Check your compass. Accept that in the thick of it, with your head down and battling to make progress, it’s possible to go off course. Put your finger in the wind, check the charts, work out whether you’ve drifted and need to correct course or if it’s steady as she goes.

Feedback is opinion. Listen to it, but make your own judgements.

Skippy Strategy: Set up systems for feedback. Listen hard, then check your headings and correct if necessary.