October 2, 2015

Railing against the Man


Used to being in charge. A take-control kind of girl. Adept at bending systems to your will. Able to negotiate and cajole and jerry-rig and navigate and leap your way over tall buildings.

Then the unstoppable force comes up against the immovable object, Government … regulations, restrictions, guidance notes, policy, process, systems.

The kind of thing that gets in the way of what used to be possible, and that everyone knows should still be possible, but has become simply impossible. Too many computers with checkboxes and fail-safes, too few people who know how, or care enough, to wriggle their way through.

Not what protect us from ourselves – like health and safety, or anti-bribery – but the kind of rules that guarantee your place in a queue, however long it takes, even though you’re bleeding out and the fella in front has a pin prick. You have to wait your turn.

So breathe deep. Focus where your energy can have influence. Keep your Man-railing for the pub.

Skippy Strategy: When butting up to an immovable object, shrink its importance.