September 15, 2015

Shift assist


Everybody has trouble changing gear.

Something like 85% of new contracts go to the incumbent. Teams struggle to work out how to deal with a new boss. Moving from Windows to MacOS takes more than a reboot. Switching subjects mid sentence is a recipe for confusion.

It’s not an aversion to change, it’s Newton’s first law – an object continues in motion unless acted on by a force.

In an engine, the clutch turns somersaults to smooth the transmission. In a meeting, you break for bathrooms and coffee then re-start with a new introduction. More customers will be converted with a straightforward and reliable upgrade path than by any number of neon-lit features.

If you need a change of gear, respect the old momentum, and give them a shift assist.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you need a gear shift, work out where the clutch is first.