April 2, 2015

Take the punt


A or B? A or B?

A or … um … B?

As simple as which dish on a menu or as complex as assumptions that flip upside for downside risk. You don’t have enough data and no amount of analysis will make the decision for you. When it’s just about taking a punt.

If you can’t possibly know for sure, make a choice.

If it’s holding you back, make a choice.

Almost every time, make a choice.

Move forward but be smart about it. Look out for new data, test your assumptions, push for evidence of impact in either direction (right or wrong?). Be careful, keep your eyes wide open.

When all roads look the same, taking either one is better than waiting … waiting … for a sign to save you.

Skippy Strategy: Next time a choice is holding you back – and there’s no way you could know for sure – use your gut and move on to the next problem.