November 2, 2015

Their own course


We like to believe in logic. In the notion that process of A and B leads to C. In the weight of the argument and the balance of probabilities.

We like the idea that if we think of everything, and deliver it neatly sliced and prettily diced, the customer or manager or investor or recruit will pick it up with just the right amount of delight. That they’ll bow to the elegant inevitability and sign on the line.

The uncomfortable truth … it’s not about you … it’s about them.

In the end, no matter what they say along the path, they’ll follow their own course for their own reasons.

They’ll have their own A and B that might lead to D or to Z. They’ll balance and weigh with different measures, adding buckets of risk and relationship and history and politicking that you’ll never see.

Whichever way they go … because of or despite all your efforts …

Thank them, and learn what you can for next time.

Skippy Strategy: Do the best job you can. Win or lose, notch it up to experience and start thinking about tomorrow.