March 21, 2015

Tie it in a bow


There are some small things that make a difference and show people whether you care.

Some small things that aren’t small things:

  • Sports people who walk off screen at the end of an interview before the camera cuts away.
  • Visiting a facility but not saying hello to non-management staff.
  • Not chewing the fat with a customer at the end of the meeting.
  • Interesting software with no demo data so no one can see how it works.
  • Getting behind on admin and expecting everyone else to bail you out.
  • Routine lateness.
  • Asking a question but not listening to the answer.


  • Tying it in a bow.
  • Honouring the spirit and not falling back on the letter of the deal.
  • Calling a customer or colleague just to say thanks.
  • Putting your hands up when you make a mistake, even if no one else noticed. Then doing what ever it takes to make it right.
  • Treating someone like a friend from the first time you meet.
  • Adding a feature, just to make them smile.
  • Asking a question and truly listening to the answer.

The difference between the small things that make a difference and those that don’t? They matter to people. And when it matters, they remember.

Skippy Strategy: What small thing have you been neglecting that actually matters? A phone call, an email, writing the manual, the demo data, the tone of voice, the clock.