July 16, 2015

To push through?


Every project goes through phases characterised at the extremes by worry and excitement. Every project chews through resources – time on the calendar, human effort and emotion, use of equipment, cash from the piggy bank. Setbacks follow breakthroughs and the mountains hardly seem to get any closer.

At some stage – as cash ebbs away, as emotions run high, as worry mounts, as the clock keeps on ticking – there comes a decision. To cut your losses or push through?

As things get edgy, digging deeper into reserves of time and favours and cash and commitment is harder. The best thing to do is to have a very detailed and open conversation with your team. How do we know we’re on the right track? How far to the definitive milestone? How much time and cash will it take? Are the resources available? Are there better ways to use them?

When there are no obvious answers, know this: commitment should always be an exercise done in full daylight with eyes wide open and total honesty. If you do commit: no hedging, go all in and never look back.

Skippy Strategy: Whenever you’re not sure, get everything on the table, make a decision, and live with it.