July 14, 2015

What’s changed?


There are always a lot of moving parts. Frustrating and reassuring in equal measure, most of them don’t move very far or very fast. Plans are founded on assumptions of stasis. We get used to them. Sometimes, we take them for granted.

That customer retainer. The lynchpin of the operations team. The availability of a component. Those regulations. The banking facility. The value you add. The relationship with the buyer.

The reality: everything is in flux. What was true yesterday may be true tomorrow, next year, when you retire … maybe not.

What assumption, person, number, incentive, opinion do you rely on? Has it shifted? What critical factor is no longer the way it always was and the way you assume it to be?

Every change opens a crack of opportunity. Will you spot it or leave it for someone else’s wedge?

Work with what you know now, build sirens that alert you to change.

Skippy Strategy: What’s changed since the last time you looked? How will it affect things? What opportunity does it create?