March 31, 2015

What’s in the way?


There are things you can control, like how much time, talent and cash you throw at a defined project. Three people for three months with three pounds to produce three version zero prototypes.

It’s a plan, right? More like a wish list.

What about the things that stand between where you are now and your goal in the distance? Like customers, routes to market, conflicting projects, lack of knowledge, incumbents, risk-aversion or the crushing lack of time or talent or cash in the first place. Obstacles.

How’re going to deal with them?

Working out the how-to that overcomes everything between you and your goal is what turns a wish-list into a plan.

So, that thing you want to do … what’s in the way, and what’s the plan?

Skippy Strategy: Name every obstacle between where you are today and the end of the game. What’s the plan for everything on the list?