October 20, 2015

When mistakes happen


None of us are in the business of making mistakes. But we’re all part-timers anyway.

No matter the systems you build and the habits you develop – double-double-checking, sweeping your tracks, tapping the rail, factory gate inspection, re-read before send, active blue pencil – accidents happen.

Faulty goods, erroneously cc’d emails, upside down algorithms, flawed assumptions. Weak communications, delayed decisions, foot in mouth, missed appointments.

Nothing makes it acceptable – everything makes it expectable.

Let’s hope we’ve built a good reputation before the error, that when it happens we’re truly contrite, and that after the fact we keep a cleaner copy book.

If that what we hope for ourselves … make it go both ways.

Skippy Strategy: When mistakes happen, stronger teams are built if you treat others how you’d like to be treated yourself.