June 22, 2015

When teams repel


Some teams get out of hand. A closed shop with disruptive social mores and in jokes that repel even the most confident and talented boarders.

If the team isn’t effective, it’s an easy decision to break it down and build a more inclusive culture. Star players are redeployed, others moved on.

But what if the team is effective? If these people, in this way, are responsible for the success of the company as it is today?

Same answer. Break it down and rebuild for the future you want to create.

No company can afford to be held to ransom. If it’s time to grow, you need a culture that welcomes new talent, brings them onboard quickly, and helps them do their best work without fear.

Anyone who sucks energy out of the room needs to go, period.

On tougher choices … will this person move the team forward or hold it back?

Skippy Strategy: No person, team or department can be a law unto itself. You’re a community officer; work out where or who the trouble is – act on the answer.