November 15, 2015

When thing look phooey


Sometimes you look at things and they’re a bit phooey.

The number might add up but there’s … that … feeling. The team’s too quiet, there’s a missing link, the picture’s hung wonky, the assumptions are more hope than confidence, the market isn’t interested, the CV without substance.

What to do?

Find and fix. Be relentless.

If you’re lucky – a little nudge might straighten things out. Swap round a transposed number. A leap of faith that’s safely landed. Evidence found. Ta da!

Less lucky – scratch away the surface gloss to expose rotten foundations and some ugly truths.

You may not like what you find, but at least you’ll know.

Then the real question: is it a detail-schmetail with no real impact, or is the house about to tumble?

Skippy Strategy: When your instincts wave the red flag … look hard and with a squinty eye.