April 4, 2015

Willing or not?


Business presents many opportunities to explore risk. What am I willing to do? Investing, assigning blue-sky budgets, hiring an unknown, betting the farm. It’s about personal or corporate appetite for stepping over the red tape and skiing off piste, or turning back to the marked route for a safer but less exhilarating ride.

Then there’s ethics. What am I not willing to do? There are laws about these things but they only codify at the extreme what we already know we wouldn’t want to explain to our children. Conflicts of interest, certain “entertainments” and other euphemisms, exploiting political influence. What’s the line between getting the inside track and having a strong champion?

At the edge there are boundaries and crossing them is an act of choice.

Skippy Strategy: There are always choices. Whatever you decide, make sure you do it with your eyes w-i-d-e open.