November 11, 2015

Work expands


As soon as a job stretches an hour or so, it tends to take as long (or longer) than the time available.

When there’s slack in the system, when life is routine … work expands to fill the voids and everyone keeps feeling busy as they follow the path of least resistance.

It’s natural.

But growth and change aren’t natural acts as you roll down the fall line.

They come from choosing to do thing you don’t have to do. From strapping on your boots and climbing out of the valley.

So when when the vision crystallises and everyone sees the work involved … and they say … “Look how busy we are. We like the idea but we just don’t have the time.” … ignore the time sheets and look at the actual load.

The reality: you can’t cram a quart into a pint pot.

Almost always: there’s no reason to try. Pints often swill around in quart jugs.

Cut the available time and the slack rises to the top.

Skippy Strategy: Play with time.