June 6, 2015

Not so fast


There’s a natural pace to change. It’s pretty slow. Without any kind of external pressure it’s likely that things improve over time but not so fast.

People work at their own rate. Some quick, some less so.

Bureaucracies grind along, gears never quite meshing, nothing running smoothly. A clunk and a grrrzz when two have to meet at a need.

The easy way is to accept the slowest common denominator. Do something else as the clock turns and the calendar clicks.

To make things run faster … you have to add energy to the system.

Pushing and smoothing and nudging things along.

Not everything has to run at 100mph – but when it must, railing against the system doesn’t help. Buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you’re frustrated by lack of progress … do you need pace of just want it? If the former, push. If the latter, get over it and put your energy where it’s needed more.