May 19, 2015

Epic data mining


Even before you have customers you start to know things about them. When transactions happen, you know more. Every day in every way, at every touchpoint, data seeps through the woodwork.

So what do you know?

Who, when, why, why not, how often, how much? What’s the motivation, why today, what was their journey, where did some fall away, what was compelling, where did you lose them? How many convert, how long does it take, how many meetings or emails or visits or window stickers?

What are they like, what makes them smile or frown, what does their boss want, what is their pay grade, what rung of management, risk takers or steady-with-readies, young or old, conservative or brash? Internal or external, business or consumer?

Every business and team is there to serve.

Who is your customer? What do they want?

Skippy Strategy: Mine your data to build a customer model.