July 9, 2015

Five steps ahead


There are people who see five steps ahead. They’re always planning and strategising, connecting the dots, mapping the route. They accept any position, define it, work out where they’re at, right now – just so they can work out what happens next. And then what happens after that.

Sadly, they’re a rare breed.

Most of us wander through the forest taking any path that looks promising. We pick up rocks and lose days and weeks studying what we find – It’s right there! Why wouldn’t we? Even the most tactically astute, who can turn any position to advantage and make all the right noises, get to the end of the year still surrounded by the trees.

A team that knows where it’s going and follows the path will outperform the most brilliant students of variety – ten to one.

Skippy Strategy: There’s a time to study. But when it’s time to move, work out the path and get going.