August 19, 2015

Get on with it

Food Prep

Food preparation starts in the morning. Hours before the first diner chooses her first course – fish are caught, vegetables peeled, bread baked, sauce reduced, ice cream churned – or we’d wait so long, we’d eat lunch for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

Projects don’t get launched from a standing start.

There are intermediate steps before anyone says Yes, before all the pieces are in place, before the team is assembled or the plan is finessed or the responsibilities assigned.

Preparing. Modelling. Testing. Prototyping. Proving. Thinking. Doing. Thinking. Doing. Setting out the stepping stones that take you from nice idea to clear purpose.

May as well get on with it.

So when someone shouts “order up,” you’re ready to go.

Skippy Strategy: Don’t wait for approval, get on with it.