Saddle up

A clear vision makes a lot of difference.

Everyone likes a grand plan, lofty goals and sense of purpose – especially when presented with passion and total clarity. When you articulate what this thing is, how it will be, where it’s going and it’s place in the world, you’re a good portion of the way to carrying the room.

Soon after, everyone wants to know … how will you make it happen? What’s the next step, who’ll do the work, what resources do you need?

Put a little more bluntly, how much cash and how will you spend it?

Real plans, real projects, real people.

Drag your team down from 30,000 feet to a level where they can map the route. Not to the ground where they can’t see past the next hill. A little higher – where priorities are obvious and you can see at least three moves ahead – 100 feet should do it. How will you navigate?

Finally, what will you do on Tuesday? What’s the first project and very next step that will take you over the hill and put you on the road to the mountains in the distance?

A believable plan has a destination, a route, and a clear sense of immediate action. Without each one, you won’t start, you’ll get lost, or you won’t know where you going anyway.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you’re in planning mode, make sure you cover all three levels.