September 19, 2015

Difficult to hear


When they blow off your pitch and say, “What I really want is …” it can be difficult to hear. It’s likely you’ve been working towards that day for weeks. Honing, rewriting, strategising, testing, perfecting. And five minutes in, it’s all gone west.

You can try to get things back on track, tell them all the things you planned, draw pictures in the air and slides on the screen, bring the conversation around, win them over with “Yes-buts” and “wouldn’t it be great ifs.”

Maybe if you just start again with different words and a different emphasis.

Maybe they missed the magic of the thing.


Sometimes it’s difficult to hear what they’re actually saying because they’re not saying what you want them to say.

Slow down. Really listen.

Maybe they just gave you the keys to the kingdom.

Skippy Strategy: Pay attention when someone closes the gate. They often tell you they place where they’re heading, and it might be big.

Making Promises