November 5, 2015

Fill in the blanks


The majority in the fat part of the bell curve, who do most of the buying in most of the customers, don’t get motivated by being asked to fill in the blanks.

They don’t like being asked what they want without a menu to choose from. They don’t want to work it out right at the same time as you’re working out how to give it to them.

It’s all a bit fast and loose. A bit risky.

They like clear propositions wrapped inside well defined products and services. The kind to which they can easily say “Yes please, I’ll take three”, or “No”.

Lucky for us, there’s a minority who are actively trying to make the world they can’t quite imagine.

They struggle to know what they want, but they like the question.

The trick is knowing which group you’re talking to.

Design products and services with one. When you’re ready for the mainstream, visit the other.

Skippy Strategy: Sort through who you’re talking to. Work in the way that works for them.

Making Promises