July 3, 2015

Punch holes in it


Just a guess but don’t you and your team know your systems better than any outsiders? When someone calls for help, don’t you know what they’re going to ask before they even look your way, haven’t you dealt with just that kind of question every week for the past forever?

What your team does every day is mysterious to everyone else. They don’t know what you do, how you do it or what systems you have that help and hinder. They don’t know how to unlock the secrets, what you need to know, how to get you on side and doing your best work. It’s a black box with no windows.

Punch holes in it.

Tell them how to brief you. Give them the direct number. Show some empathy. Map out the steps. Specify a time scale, a budget, a project plan, their place in the work flow. Make them feel heard, not inadequate.

The difference in dealing with an organisation that makes life easy for its users – whether a department down the hall or one of six million in the customer base – is the difference between customer advocacy and bad mouthing adversary.

It’s the difference between growth and decline.

Skippy Strategy: Write, post and update a how-to guide so everyone know the way to go further, faster, higher with your team.

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