August 25, 2015

Rocks of indifference


There are Windows people and MacOS people. Even some Linux people.

There are iPhone people and Android people. Even some Blackberry people.

Not changing, not seeing the benefits in the other system, not considering the switch. It’s nothing to do with the comparative merits of either product.

No one’s looking for a rational argument.

It’s not an aversion to change, nothing to do with risk or sunk cost or the dread of learning how to do everything, again. It’s not about stacking the pros and cons.

They’re just happy with what they’ve got.

Bringing new products to the world, new ways of doing things to your organisation, new ideas to the table …  the greatest barrier to entry is the status quo.

Skippy Strategy: Rational reasoning and emotional appeal break on the rocks of indifference. More fertile ground: someone who’s actively looking for new.

Making Promises