April 15, 2015

Shared perspective


From your end of the telescope it’s likely you see your customers very clearly, in two dimensions. Still, you can describe what you see in great detail using technical language that makes sense in your company and from your perspective.

Now look at your product. All the features were chosen for reasons you know about, to give pleasures or solve problems you can articulate in ten paragraphs or more. Things look clear and even a little obvious.

From the other end of the telescope, things look a little different.

Customers see their hopes and problems large, in high definition, and 3D. They can walk around the issues and feel the pain and frustrations with every sense. They describe difficulties and desires with emotional language. Their problems look big and, through that telescope, your answers look small.

Assuming you’re in their field of view at all, the fastest way to draw their focus is to show them you understand their pain with language they recognise.

Talk about their bad back, not their ankylosing spondylitis. Tell them it probably feels better if they take a hot shower and that exercise is good. If you can prove you understand their pain, they might just swing the telescope around and look a little closer.

Speaking the same language and sharing the same view is the fastest way to make a connection.

Skippy Strategy: Look down the customers’ end of the telescope, what do you see? Read your collateral from afar, what do you understand? Is the technical stuff too high above the fold?

Making Promises