May 20, 2015

To persuade?


How would you persuade a teetotaller to buy your brandy?

You could try talking about how the product embodies your connection with soil that’s been in your family for centuries. Or of the tradition of excellence and the quality of the barrels you’ve used for generations. How about the provenance of the grapes, the perfection of the climate and and the beauty of the countryside? Maybe it’s the flavour, or the labels, or the famous restaurant who puts it at the top of their list. Surely there’s a secret formula of words that will convince them of your worthy spirit.


Selling isn’t the art of persuading the unwilling or converting the non-believers.

It’s about helping people who already have a need understand how your proposition could be of value.

The first job of selling is finding the market – where people are actively looking for a solution to a known problem that’s high on their agenda to fix. A place where your proposition is compelling.

Tell your story to the interested.

Skippy Strategy: Where have you been spending resources on persuading the uninterested? How could you redirect your attentions to an active market?

Making Promises