Ever been to the circus? They teach you how to clap, “Oh, you can do better than that boys and girls. Just the left side of the audience, … now the right side.”

Maybe we’re shy or too used to TV and Cinema, but audience participation is something most of us re-learn every time. We feel connected, have fun, and are better for it.

Your customers are the same. They like the why and the how so they know what to appreciate.

  • Watching the trapeze, when and how loud to clap.
  • Drinking the coffee, what flavours to note.
  • Voting for candidates, what they believe.
  • Reading the book, the author’s authority.
  • Hiring the consultant, how they learned their schtick.
  • The outsource manufacturer, also builds for Apple.
  • The account director is Jean, she works from Cornwall.
  • The valves in my stereo, military grade. (Not sure why it matters, but it’s cool that I know)

Knowing this stuff makes no difference to the product or the customer experience. But highlighting it builds a connection, cements your positioning, and tells a story to be shared with the first person who asks.

Customers like knowing you care about your product and about them – the why and the what that you put in the box, connects the two.

Skippy Strategy: What story or detail will build a connection between your product and your customer? Tasting notes, names and faces, a little history, an easter egg.

Making Promises