August 17, 2018

A bad example


Things change. As the organisation grows (whether that’s from the coffee table or into bigger markets) it needs to evolve to fit the bigger reality. That might mean more structure or discipline, new processes, extra communications, additional planning and rostering. And that can be uncomfortable for some of the old hands who dragged you to this point. What worked for them as they worked the old plan, may not work today. All that extra, and that change, and all that new thinking and new people and new new new … may not be something they’re ready to embrace.

The non-option: Give them wriggle room. Accept some bumpy slowness, and understand you’re setting a bad example to the new (If he doesn’t have to do it, why should I?)

The only option: Embrace the new reality. Deal with the difficult conversations and have everyone facing forward.

Skippy strategy: Face the organisation forward.