September 28, 2018

A broken system


The problem with a broken system … it’s broken. 

The two most common coping mechanisms? Ignoring it or pretending la-la-la it isn’t broken. Passive choices. Don’t solve anything. Everyone else knows what you’re doing even if you don’t. And after you spent much time and little effort not dealing with the issue … it’s still broken.

Assuming you’re more action oriented, you can try adding new pieces. It might help you skirt around the issue, it could let you achieve what you need to get done, maybe it’s a sticking plaster that stops the excessive losses in the short term … but the system will still be broken.

Then of course, you can actually do something about it. You know, take it by the lapels and deal with it, whatever it takes.

The deal-with-it downside? Effort and humility.

The upside? A working system, and some self respect.

Skippy strategy: Actually mend the system.