September 13, 2018

A commercial challenge


In the beginning there was an idea. Then, over months and mountains of work, the idea became a thing. Gaining definition and substance until it could be described and presented, enthused and nodded over, understood by anyone who cared enough about the context and stood still long enough to listen.

And the conversations were good and plentiful.

The developers took it back into the dark and continued to buff and polish, to add a doohickey here and a thingumabob there. Just one more feature and everyone will love it. Just one more month before we pass Go. Just one more …

When you’ve pretty much solved the technical challenge, forget “one more“. Take it out to meet the real world for a reality check.

The reality you’ll find: it’s easily as much a commercial challenge as it was ever a technical one.

Skippy strategy: Make an early start on the commercial challenge.