July 11, 2017

A door opens


Sometimes it feels like you’re destined to be on the outside. Dancing around in the street, trying to get attention but nobody’s looking. Then, in a seeming blank wall, a door opens.

Maybe someone opened it for you – an introduction to someone new. You might look at that gift horse and think with ten extra seconds and a little more relationship equity they could have walked you right in and sat you down at the table.

Maybe the stars triangulated over the hard work and dancing – an invitation from someone interesting. And you might be thinking, what’s the catch?

The thing about open doors … you have to walk through them.


It’s no one’s job to help, nobody will point the way.

In there … it’s up to you.

One step, then another, working it out as you go along.

As soon as the door opens.

Skippy strategy: Take the step.