February 2, 2016

A gilded cage


With so much happening and so many people, places and things in the mix, there will be times when stuff happens that’s not to your liking. Some are trouble for the moment – breath in, breath out – but some leave permanent scars.

Amongst the worst, one sided contracts – especially when you thought you were friends or partners.

Unbalanced percentages, a gilded cage, too expensive or too cheap, too much authority or too little accountability, onerous penalties, unworkable covenants and worrisome warranties. Some of the hardest to take were made just before you arrived at the party. If only they’d waited!

If you really can’t live with it, move out.

Otherwise, find a way to move past.

That means bygones, for now at least. No needling, weaselling, back-stabbing or bad-mouthing. Don’t let the side show affect the main stage.

Much can change and opportunities will arise. Look for moments to negotiate, not to needle.

Skippy Strategy: When things are bad, find a way to make them good.