October 7, 2017

A golden goose


Sometimes you have a brilliant idea. If we do this, that thing will happen – easy, and all will be good in our world. It’s the golden goose effect; one thing to solve our troubles. It never works. Within five minutes at the white board, or a tentative look for supporting data, the idea comes crashing down.

Some people will jump up and knock you down. And quickly, the energy saps and the idea is abandoned.

Ok. So there’s no golden goose. But there is a goose.

Inside every non-viable, simplistic or naive thought, is a workable, thoughtful, mature solution hiding in the dark. Maybe you can’t bridge to B so elegantly. But if we add C, D and E to that A, we might just loop back to B after all.

Skippy strategy: Don’t abandon ideas in fear of the nay sayers. Show them the bridge to a yay.