August 3, 2020

A healthy deadline


The end of the month. The End of the month. It has such an attractive ring to it. The End of the Month. Or how about, by close of play on Monday, or, the end of the quarter, or, by the first of the year. Dates. So compelling. So energising. So … unrealistic.

Well, sometimes. Sure, we all know the maxim on how long it will take … one day less than we have. And yes, there’s nothing like a healthy deadline to get everyone motivated. But the key word in there is “healthy.” Where healthy is defined as “able to deal with external stress”, which means, can operate in the real world where things go wrong and the fan gets involved in distributing them all over the room.

Before setting a deadline, think first of how health it sounds, not how attractively it rings.

Skippy strategy: Set a healthy deadline.