July 23, 2018

A known problem


If your organisation finds it difficult, it’s likely your competitors struggle with it too. 

The “it” we’re talking about? Product development, project management, quality control, after-sale support, whatever is a known problem in your field.

That’s not a free-pass to an easy-ride. You’re stumbling over a common, known, and eminently soluble problem – if you turn it around (and you know that if you put your shoulder to the wheel it will start to spin) you’ll have a clear differentiator giving a marketable and operational advantage wherever you roll it out.

Go after the advantage.

Set up a system that moves products along the line, find the people and process that makes managing projects a strength, iron out the kinks in your quality flow, set-up and manage the kind of support you’d like to deal with, deal with whatever thorn is sticking in your heel.

Skippy strategy: Make the difficult stuff your differentiator.